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Catarina Capital strongly believes in a next step of development for General Partnership arrangements over capital markets players. Entrepreneurship and financial products shall gradually evolve together, induced by a new era of investment professionals, seeking to work more collaboratively, totally empowered by a contemporary, network-driven, business dynamics.

Following this tendency, Catarina Capital proposes a deep development program for financial entrepreneurs – what we call Catarina Labs. The program acts as a Squad Generator Method for new financial products, engaging entrepreneurs as major partners of their future initiatives, proposing Catarina Capital as their first-option as a management firm. Catarina aggregates value during their development journey through a customized Value Creation approach, inspired by tech-based best practices from acceleration peers worldwide. 

The chart below summarizes Catarina Labs positioning and key-drivers. The team is totally available and motivated to constantly meet daring financial entrepreneurs, helping them to be part and extract real value from our investment network.

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