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Lux Fund


Newton Funds proposes new tech-based investment products for Brazilian qualified and non-qualified investors - two stock funds that translate the complexity of tech equity research to regular investors, covering listed assets from the major global markets, Nasdaq and NYSE, but also exposing itself to some referenced tech companies listed in Brazil (B3). 

Newton positions are based on a proprietary methodology (TFMP) developed by Catarina Equities’ team. TFMP intersects Venture Capital Squad fundamentals with traditional stock market parameters, regularly considered for listed companies. The methodology induces buy/sell decisions in a long-only investment approach, previously supported by a list of key-indicators, collected from traditional equity research reports. TFMP balances the collected indicators under four different matrix comparisons (Technology, Financials, Market and People), all of them backed by intangible value drivers. Finally, TFMP methodology infers a long-term attractiveness score for each asset, defining a consolidated position for all tech companies under coverage.

Tech Coverage:

Allocation in Technological Assets according to

positioning of TFMP Investment Approach.

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