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Primus fund started its investment activities in 2013, as a Venture Capital Squad initiative essentially directed for tech based companies in the South region of Brazil. The fund was initially managed by a consortium of two Venture Capital firms: CRP, a traditional Growth/Private Equity player based in Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul State), and CVentures, the Venture Capital arm from CERTI Foundation, based in Florianopolis (Santa Catarina State). 

Founded in 1984, CERTI Foundation is one of the most referenced R&D institutions in Latin America. With more than 300 employees, most of them highly technified, CERTI offers innovation & entrepreneurial knowledge through consulting projects directed to big corporations, most of them globally recognized. Over the past decades, the Foundation developed a whole set of businesses and facilities regarding the enhancement of an innovative ecosystem in Florianopolis. Indispensable examples comprehend the first Brazilian Incubator (CELTA), the biggest Pre-seed Mentoring Program for Startups in Brazil (Sinapse), the awarded Multi Corporate Accelerator (Darwin Startups), and finally the biggest Technological Park in Latin America (Sapiens Park). 

After a partnership agreement with CERTI, CVentures’ team started a new professional journey as executives for Catarina Ventures Squad, inside of Catarina Capital structure. The team remains responsible for all major Primus activities, reporting to high-profile LPs, that include IFC, IDB, CAF, FINEP, FIEP and referenced private investors. Primus has 15 investees, most of them based on SaaS B2B business models, with a bit smaller exposure to Life Sciences and pure-B2C deals. The fund ends its disinvestment period in 2023.




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Piero Contezini
Diego Contezini

Technology platform that provides an automated customer engagement and payment solution for small and medium businesses. Asaas provides a B2BC solution for issuing invoices and controlling payments via bank slip, credit or debit card, in addition to enabling the prepayment of receivables, invoices issued by the government (NFe), bill payments and prepaid credit card.




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Thiago Vailati

Marcos Fischer

Marinho Silva

Technology company that provides a point of sale information system for medium and small retail solutions. Founded in 2012, the company develops a sales and POS system that allows for high productivity, compliance, product inventory monitoring and financial control. Company sold to the Linx Group in 2019.




Catarina's Ventures Squad contributes to the study and gradual implementation of best practices for a Secondary Market directed to Venture Capital Squad Investments in Latin America. Secundus Initiative focuses firstly on club deals for tech companies, aiming stand-alone operations with a medium-term M&A perspective. Catarina Venture Squad validates valuation premises and negotiation terms among parts, fulfilling an essential gap all along the VC value chain. Naturally, as market volume increases, Secundus shall naturally evolve into a dedicated Investment Fund, serving as a liquidity tool for a set of diversified players, among them:   

  • VC Investment Funds pushed by respective disinvestment periods;

  • Accelerators, Angels & Seed/Early Investors searching for cash-out operations among rounds;

  • Executives willing to liquidate Stock Options from referenced tech companies.