Catarina Advisory Squad offers a customized M&A approach for seed to growth-stage tech companies seeking to conclude strategic deals and/or develop consistent fundamentals for an IPO. For this, Catarina Advisory Squad works together with a network of experienced business partners (M&A partners), customizing professional deal-making teams for each transaction, according to its stage, sector, capital need and strategic goals.  


Indeed, tech companies demand distinct business premises for a whole set of activities, from strategic screening to valuation techniques. Tech negotiations fundamentally include considerations regarding intangibles such as intellectual property, technological roadmaps, and future projections based on new revenue streams. The Tech M&A Network combines the right competences to maximize strategic value for tech deal-making, without losing focus on pragmatism towards strategic goals. 

Tech and M&A Approaches:

A - Tech Business Modelling & Info Memo

B - Tech Benchmark Studies

C - Deal Making Diagnose

D - Strategic Tech Targets: Screening & Approach

E - Strategic Power Map & Persuasion Elements

F - Diligence Follow-ups

G - Negotiation Leadership

H - Terms Review & Deal Closing



Catarina Advisory Squad contributes to the study and gradual implementation of best practices for a Secondary Market directed to Venture Capital Squad Investments in Latin America. Secundus Initiative focuses firstly on club deals for tech companies, aiming stand-alone operations with a medium-term M&A perspective. Catarina Advisory Squad validates valuation premises and negotiation terms among parts, fulfilling an essential gap all along the VC value chain. Naturally, as market volume increases, Secundus shall naturally evolve into a dedicated Investment Fund, serving as a liquidity tool for a set of diversified players, among them:   

  • VC Investment Funds pushed by respective disinvestment periods;

  • Accelerators, Angels & Seed/Early Investors searching for cash-out operations among rounds;

  • Executives willing to liquidate Stock Options from referenced tech companies.


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Catarina Capital is still under accreditation process with Brazilian CVM (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários)