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REAL ESTATE: Bem-vindo

Catarina Real Estate focuses its efforts on minimizing the gap among most Santa Catarina’s properties and alternative investment structures. The main purpose is to help entrepreneurial business to grow, disposing capital tools that increase the  availability of Real Estate developments for new corporate offices, industrial & tech parks, as well as also residential, educational and health facilities demanded by the whole entrepreneurial ecosystem community. Catarina Real Estate’s offerings comprehend 3 complementary modules:


  • Diagnoses: conception of customized Real Estate products, matching client needs and market potential, based on market intelligence studies and previous sounding with targeted references in the capital market;

  • Structuring: modelling of Real Estate instruments (Receivables Certificates and/or Investment Funds), addressing typical investment requirements and supporting fundraising activities;

  • Investment Management: fiduciary & operational responsibility for Real Estate Investment Funds, including specific processes for origination, screening, analysis, deal making, value generation & investor relations. 



RE Services
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Lucy at Sapiens Park

Lucy at Sapiens Park is a Real Estate Investment Fund (FII) under conception, focused on the newest development phase of the main Technological Park in Latin America. Lucy FII stands as a consequence of the natural demand for new tech facilities in Florianopolis, following the growth phenomenon of the Startup Island ecosystem. 

Lucy FII regards a set of new facilities for innovative businesses and essential surroundings, including an university campus, a health center, two colivings, a mini-mall and corporate offices, for both tech companies and service providers. Lucy Properties cover 26 modules, an area of 135.000 m² inside of the Tech Park (total area of 4.3 million m2). All the modules have the same property owner, CERTI Foundation, which facilitates deal making, construction and incorporation agreements. 

Lucy at Sapiens Park:

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