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EDUCATION: Bem-vindo
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Venture MBI


A strong innovation ecosystem requires extremely capable entrepreneurs, progressively. The Venture MBI project (Master in Business Innovation for Entrepreneurs)  intends to address this massive demand as an immersive 1-year post-graduation course, directed to professionals willing to move their careers towards entrepreneurship and/or executive positions in startups. The first admission class is planned to be launch in September 2020.

The initiative was conceived by a partnership among Catarina Capital and 49 Educational Group, establishing content agreements with teachers from global institutions, such as Stanford and MIT. The course is completely inspired by these references and comprehends 5 main educational dimensions: Entrepreneurial Skills, Essential Marketing, Essential Sales, Essential Finance and Essential Programming. The disciplines are taught by experienced and complementary professionals, conciliating practical and academic backgrounds. 

Catarina Education acts as a Venture MBI endorser, contributing fundamentally as a financial structurer and marketing supporter. Catarina’s strategic vision for Venture MBI and its derivations includes scholarship programs to selected students, with resources backed by specific Impact Investing vehicles.

 Intensive Venture MBI 
 1 Year Immersive Program     

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