Catarina’s Innovation Journey applies an assessment methodology to identify critical characteristics over a Corporation, classifying the robustness of its strategy towards innovation & entrepreneurship. Companies are classified over 5 levels of maturity, working from initial workshops to the structuring of fully-dedicated areas for Corporate Venture investments.


All the journey is supported by a strong network of Innovation Consulting providers, highly specialized in each chain of value generation. CERTI’s CEI Department, CELTA, and Darwin Startups are key collaborators in the whole processes, disposing of top-notch executives to transform the way corporate innovation can be developed. The following chart reveals some of the main typical project deliverables.

Finance Innovation 
Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) initiatives for consolidated groups



Catarina Corporate collaborates with the diffusion of CELTA Hubs incubation-for-equity concept, a pioneer program for startups and corporations willing to enhance innovation & entrepreneurship. The program supports itself on a strong network of successful entrepreneurs, strategic companies and institutions, offering customized facilities and plenty access to all CERTI’s R&D Centers.  


Catarina Corporate strongly supports the main acceleration programs in Santa Catarina, helping them to manage their own investment vehicles. Each program prioritizes different productive sectors, based upon hybrid investment structures, customized to conciliate corporate and angel requirements. 

Darwin Startups leads most of all sectoral initiatives, playing a key-role as an acceleration aggregator, a common shareholder that is responsible for best management practices and investor relations. Catarina and Darwin work collaboratively together, oriented by a coordinated roadmap of programs, gradually implemented to address the main regional development needs. Current programs include:

  • Darwin: fintechs, insurtechs & big data startups;

  • Hards: hardware/embedded systems for general IoT & Industry 4.0;

  • Chaplin: creative economy and all its content-driven segments.