Catarina Capital proposes a disrupting approach for the interface across entrepreneurship and the capital markets. The Firm disrupts the way General Partnerships can be promoted, acting as a collaborative network of Financial Entrepreneurs, all of them responsible for specific financial squads. The common focus is to offer complementary investment products, among different asset classes, matching key-development triggers for innovation ecosystems. 

The Investment Network was born as a consequence of an immersive study of market opportunities, primarily regarding new financial offerings for Santa Catarina, Brazil. The State highlights itself as the most thriving innovation ecosystem in Latin America, with expressive growth results for a major number of local tech companies.

Six areas of work stand out as priorities: Venture Capital, Corporate Venture, Real Estate, Equities, Advisory and Education, each one of them addressing a strategic requirement for the ecosystem development and reverberation. 

Catarina Capital´s mission emphasizes the empowerment of a new generation of financial entrepreneurs, engaging them through a partnership model to catalyze innovative businesses and their respective externalities. Our vision is to play a key-role to strengthen entrepreneurial pillars for Brazil and Latin America as a prominent developing region. For this, we share indispensable values as pragmatism, interdisciplinarity, meritocracy, empathy and naturally, intense hard work. Rentability and Impact are master lines in all of our daily activities.

We are part of a collaborative set of entrepreneurial initiatives engaged to generate value to Santa Catarina as an economic epicenter for Latin America. For this, Catarina Capital fosters a productive relationship with major local Institutions and their respective innovation programs, incubators, accelerators and tech labs. We feel both tremendously proud and responsible for being an essential trigger for Santa Catarina´s innovative growth, helping creative, technological and financial entrepreneurs to thrive.




Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Catarina Capital, Thiago exemplifies a new generation of financial entrepreneurs in Brazil, focused on alternative investments. Thiago started his career as a strategic consultant specialized in technology roadmaps, quickly emerging as a Partner at SP Ventures, a leader Venture Capital firm for Agtech startups in LATAM. Thiago worked together with more than 25 investees (from IT to Life Sciences) and acted as a leader for the initial positioning of the Agtech Valley Area in Brazil. This previous experience endorses the willing to move towards a bigger challenge, fulfilling a gap among financial products and the main tech region in LATAM - Santa Catarina. Thiago holds a degree in Engineering from USP (university of Sao Paulo) and has an MBA from the same institution.