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About Us

Catarina Capital is a Tech Specialist Investment Firm that manages financial products focused on innovative businesses, all along the entrepreneurial journey, from early-stage Venture Capital to Public Tech Equities.


Our mission is to fulfill the investment gap between general investors and tech entrepreneurs, democratizing the access to tech assets, locally and globally. As a vision, we aim to become Latin America´s reference for tech-driven investments, beyond traditional Venture Capital. For this, we share indispensable values as pragmatism, interdisciplinarity, meritocracy, empathy and naturally, intense hard work. Rentability and Impact are master lines in all of our daily activities.


Our team comprehends very experienced professionals both in Venture Capital and Public Equities areas, divided into fully-dedicated squads, according to each investment product.


Catarina Ventures’ Squad is responsible for Primus Fund activities, in partnership with CRP and CVentures, the Corporate Venture arm from CERTI Foundation. Primus focuses on an early-stage Venture Capital strategy for innovative deals, mostly based in the south of region of Brazil. The Fund has invested in 15 companies, mostly located in the Silicon Island region (Santa Catarina state), having well-referenced LPs such as IDB, CAF, FINEP, FIEP, Spectra Investments and local MFOs. Catarina Ventures recently launched the Ventures 2 Investment Fund, a new investment inititative that expands the Venture Capital potential of south-brazilian tech companies, replicating the success results of Primus to the local ecosystem. 

Catarina Equities’ Squad manages the Newton Tech Fund, a pioneer initiative that allows general investors to be exposed to referenced Tech Stocks listed in Nasdaq, NYSE and B3. The Fund proposes a unique investment approach for Tech companies, combining both Venture Capital and Equity Research elements into one single fundamentalistic analysis model. A Venture Capital experience into the Stock Exchange, with less risk and great liquidity conditions, specially for investors looking for global diversification.

We are part of a collaborative set of entrepreneurial initiatives engaged to generate value to Santa Catarina as an economic epicenter for Latin America. For this, Catarina Capital fosters a productive relationship with major local Institutions and their respective innovation programs, incubators, accelerators and tech labs. We feel both tremendously proud and responsible for being an essential trigger for Santa Catarina´s innovative growth, helping creative, technological and financial entrepreneurs to thrive.




Founding Partner

Thiago started his career as a strategic consultant specialized in technology roadmaps, quickly emerging as a Partner at SP Ventures, a leader Venture Capital firm for Agtech startups in LATAM. Thiago worked together with more than 25 investees (from IT to Life Sciences) and acted as a leader for the initial positioning of the Agtech Valley Area in Brazil. This previous experience endorses the willing to move towards a bigger challenge, fulfilling a gap among financial products and the main tech region in LATAM - Santa Catarina. Thiago holds a degree in Engineering from USP (University of Sao Paulo), and has a MBA from the same institution. At Stanford, Thiago has concluded the Continuing Studies Formation in Tech Acceleration.

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